P2P Multicast Library

Welcome to the PML project page. The P2P Multicast Library (PML) provides an open source library to support resource sharing using IP multicast in P2P networks. This project, hosted by Sourceforge, is developing a software library to aid the integration of the technology in today's and tomorrow's p2p applications. A first alpha release is available which provides a proof of concept as a stand-alone application under Linux. 
Technology overview
PML will adopt a set of technologies to support reliable and scalable IP multicast for P2P networks. A quick overview of these technologies:
  • Forward Error Correction through Reed-Solomon & LDPC codes
  • Partial File Download & Sharing through Tigertrees
  • Single Source Multicast to scale to global multicasting
How these technologies can be used to allow resource sharing using IP multicast in P2P networks on the Internet is explained in the Advocacy section. The Technology section provides in an-depth discussion on these technologies and how these technologies could be used by the P2P applications.
Mailing lists
There are three mailing-lists for PML

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